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Allen Lightcap negotiates dismissal of charges against aspiring Army recruit

Mayer & Harper associate Allen Lightcap successfully negotiated the dismissal of a simple battery charge brought by the Solicitor General of Fulton County against a young man who aspired to enlist in the U.S. Army. The 18-year-old client had been physically attacked at his job. He defended himself, and police arrested and charged both the attacker and Mr. Lightcap's client. While these charges were pending, this young man was unable to enlist in the Army to serve his county.  As such, these charges were putting the client's future with the military in jeopardy. After Mr. Lightcap presented evidence to the Solicitor General that his client was simply defending himself from the attacker, the charges against the client were dropped. The client enlisted in the Army shortly thereafter and has since completed basic training.