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Firm settles premises liability case on behalf of retail employee

Mayer & Harper recently resolved a premises liability claim against a shopping center for a substantial confidential sum. This was a disturbing case in which the Plaintiff, an employee of one of the shopping center's retail tenants, was held at gunpoint and sexually assaulted while at work. Beyond the physical attack, the Plaintiff suffered a great deal of psychological trauma.

The case was complicated because there was a community outreach police station located next to the Plaintiff's place of employment. Mayer & Harper's investigation revealed that the station was almost never manned and that the landlord was aware of this. The city paid a nominal rent in in exchange for staffing the station for a certain number of hours a week. When the police failed to meet this obligation, the landlord ignored the situation despite the fact that there had been a significant number of prior crimes at the shopping center, including the armed robbery of female employees of another store.

This was a heinous crime, and the settlement will significantly aide the Plaintiff as she continues her recovery.


Ellen Mayer